Why you should think of visiting Japan in 2022?

Japan is an incredible country, full of peculiarities that attract many tourists annually to visit it. Whether for the good cuisine, the very different culture or technology, there are plenty of reasons to visit Japan. According to many international tour operators, Japan private tours have been gaining popularity.

Gastronomy beyond sushi

Many people do not like raw fish and do not even want to hear about it. Nevertheless, you are wrong to think that sushi and sashimi are the only things you will find there. As rich as any other cuisine, Japanese cuisine greatly explores the diversity in herbs, vegetables and meats. Be sure to try the ramen, and of course, no knife and fork, just chopsticks.

Gardens full of flowers and tranquility

This is how the Japanese found a way to express their connection to nature: gardens. At the time of the dynasties, many of them were built in honor of gods or close to temples, and, of course, inside the palaces. The use of each element in the reproduction of a natural setting is special. Do not miss Kuroki-en Garden, the Garden of Six Attributes, which is located in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture. 

The accommodations

There is nothing better than visiting a country and diving deep into its culture. You can do this when choosing the place you will stay, especially since the options are very diverse and cool. What do you think of sleeping in a “ryokan”? The most typical inn in Japan, where you can sleep on the mat dressed as a wrestler, or in a honsan with hot springs. What do you think of sleeping inside a capsule? Capsule hotels are an affordable accommodation option and ideal for solo travelers.

The language

Japanese can be a little difficult for those who have never had contact with the language, but do not be alarmed, Japan is a very diverse country and you will always find someone who speaks your language. Most of the signs that indicate paths are translated at least into English to make life easier for the tourist, but it is worth learning a few words, it will help a lot.

A country full of facilities

Are you feeling hungry? Nevertheless, there is no restaurant nearby? There are many vending machines in every corner of Japan. Everything is very varied and tourists will find things that go beyond canned foods, such as stationery and pharmacy items.

Japan is all in one place

Some go to the US to visit parks like Disney or Universal, in Japan you can also visit these parks and Disney’s exclusive water park. Some go to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower, the Tokyo Tower is similar and taller, not to mention the gigantic Sky Tree. Some go to the US to shop, and in Japan, you can get some things even cheaper and some unique items. Some visit Italy to eat pasta, in Japan besides sushi you will come across thousands of pasta, whether Italian or Japanese. In fact, Japan is a country of multiple cultures and options for you to get totally lost and venture deep into your trip.

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