What is the Various Must-Do Things When in Tenerife?

One of the largest and popular islands of Canary Island is Tenerife. It is a beautiful place to create new memories with your loved ones. According to a study, Tenerife witnesses around five million tourists in a year. Well, that is a huge number. One of the main reasons behind this is the warm and dry climate of Tenerife. The soothing climate lets you do several activities throughout the year.

While traveling around the world sounds exciting. However, to make enjoy a hassle-free tour, adequate research and proper planning are extremely necessary. To make your trip to Tenerife a memorable one, visit the official website of the Club Canary, a tour company that offers 5-star services and multiple activities to do. They offer you whale watching tours, hiring boats, visiting theme parks, etc. You can even rent or buy Seaduction boats Tenerife at the best price. If you have several questions regarding your tour to Tenerife, then the Club Canary has all your answers.

Things to Do in Tenerife:

As said earlier, you have tons of things that you can do and enjoy in Tenerife. Let us look at them below:

  • Mount Teide National Park:

This Park is home to a volcano, Mount Teide, and is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is also Spain’s highest mountain peak. Here, you will witness stunning views from the final core of the mountain. You can either hike or hire a cable car. However, you will need to seek permission beforehand, if you want to go to the top of the summit.

  • Siam Park:

Named as the best water park in the world two times continuously, Siam Park is worth a visit. It is a Thai-themed water park spread over 48 acres of land. With amazing water slides, rides, and boating, you will experience a good time.

  • Explore the beaches:

Tenerife, being an island, has several beautiful beaches. The beaches there are award-winning for their safety, facilities, and cleanliness.

  • Tour Loro Park:

Loro Park is a zoo, which is a place for animals like lions, hippos, tigers, flamingos, red pandas, alligators, and many more. You can bring your kids with you and educate them about the different types of animals.

  • Drive to Masca:

Masca is the highest village in Tenerife. It is popular as a hidden village because people of Tenerife used to hide here during attacks by invaders. It is a beautiful village with breathtaking scenery. Therefore, when in Tenerife, do not miss vising Masca.

  • Whale and Dolphin watching:

It is one of the must-do things when you are in Tenerife. You will find numerous types of dolphins and whales like Bottlenose dolphins, Pilot whales, Sperm whales, and Risso dolphins.

  • Explore the streets of Tenerife:

You can simply walk on the streets in the morning or evening and explore the city. Meet the locals and shop from the street vendors. You will carry loads of memories with you by just exploring the local streets.

From enjoying the amazing views from the mountain cliffs to chilling at the beaches, Tenerife offers you everything. Further, make sure to book a Seaduction motor yacht only after you check out the Seaduction reviews online.

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