Things to do Around Lake Toba, in North Sumatra Province

Lake Toba is one of the main tourism destinations in North Sumatra. This lake is famous for its natural beauty, surrounded by several steep rock walls, which is the crater wall of Lake Toba.

Regarding the origin of Lake Toba, according to research by expert scientists, the lake was formed by a large-scale volcanic eruption estimated to have occurred 73,000-75,000 years ago. This resulted in forming a large water-filled crater, now called Lake Toba. The pressure of the magma that did not erupt resulted in an island in the center of the lake called Samosir Island. According to scientists, the super-eruption of the volcano caused the death and disappearance of almost half of the planet’s living beings.


1.    Tuk Tuk

The first must-see spot on this island is Tuk Tuk, a gathering place for foreign tourists, food, and resorts. Most tourists will undoubtedly choose Tuk Tuk when visiting the island as many good hotels can be found here. Besides being a great location to enjoy the beauty of Lake Toba, the tuk-tuk also offers great places to shop and drink.

2.    Visit the ancient stone courtyard (beheaded!) – Batu Kursi Raja Siallagan, Ambarita.

Ambarita Village is another ancient village on Samosir Island which has witnessed many historical events. The most popular place in town is Huta Siallagan, where you can find confusing combinations of stone tables and chairs. They were part of an ancient courtyard where the king was convicted and beheaded on the spot. This is a story that makes you sit back and think twice, right?

3.    Seeing around and Buying Traditional Batak fabric making – Lumban suhi-suhi Village

Fashion lovers will be happy to have the opportunity to get in touch with Batak traditions at this little place, the village of Ulos Cloth. These intricately printed fabrics are entirely handmade with traditional tools of the labor of love. Here, you will have a chance to see the whole Ulos production process. Then, you can even choose your favorite Ulos and buy it from the manufacturer!


1.    Saturday Marketing: Pekan Tigaraja Weekly Market

Although Parapat is most often seen as a stopover on the way to Samosir Island, in fact, it also has its own kinds of interesting activities. One of them is the weekly market next to the ferry terminal on Saturday. These days, locals gather to sell various kinds of Batak handicrafts, fresh fruits, and vegetables. If you pass by during the trip,do not hesitate to check it!

2.    Look at the legend of Hanging Rock – Parapat’s Batu Gantung.

Do you know where the name of Parapat came from? The answer can be found in the hanging stones found there. The girl-shaped rock hanging from the cliff is said to be the embodiment of a girl who has been trapped in the mountain and has not been rescued. Because she repeated the word “Parapat” before being buried alive on the mountain. So, the city was called Parapat. If your schedule is lax, don’t be content to just explore the Parapat and Samosir islands. On your way back to Medan for your return flight, you can head to the northwestern cities of Merek and Berastagi at any time to see more natural wonders.


Hike to the amazing waterfall – Sipiso Piso Waterfall

If you are a hiker or just basically love mountain lmor love hiking, don’t miss the opportunity to walk along this beautiful waterfall. This impressive waterfall is 120 meters high and is blocked by endless vegetation. It is the ideal destination for your next “I did it!” photo. Although it may take 7 hours to return to the waterfall, this is a must-see for avid hikers who like to share their adventures and experiences on Instagram.


Easier hike, just as beautiful! – Gundaling Hill

Don’t have enough energy for hiking? Don’t worry, here is an easier option. Gundaling Hill in Berastagi is located further north of Merek, with beautiful views of the Sibayak and Sinabung Mountains in the distance. You only need to hike about an hour to get to the top and get the rewarding reward  — beautiful views. The roads are also well-paved, so almost no effort is needed. Lazy bug, this is your choice.

Vacation is more than just the scenery/food/accommodation, and it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Lake Toba by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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