The 3 Best Cities to Move To in the State of Nevada

Nevada is a massive state that’s characterized by incredible miles of desert and few party cities that speak to people’s need to cut loose and have fun.  If you’re considering moving here, you’ve made a great choice!  Nevada is a state unlike any other and understands the need to give in to the wild side.

Why Nevada?

Nevada is more than just Las Vegas, but Vegas is still a large part of why this state is so fantastic.  Not only does Nevada have the nightlife on lock, but it’s also known for fun festivals, car shows, sporting events, and the chance to explore some of the most beautiful lands you’ll find in the United States.

Nevada is a dry and beautiful state that wants to make anyone feel at home while also giving you the chance to always feel like you’re on vacation.  There’s nothing else like this in the rest of the country. 


If you want to live near Las Vegas without being directly in the city, it’s time to check out Summerlin.  This smaller city is at the edge of the Spring Mountains and Red Rock Canyon, allowing it to be surrounded by endless natural beauty.  Turning 32 in 2022, this city offers the chance to enjoy the gorgeous surroundings that Nevada has offered for thousands of years while still having easy access to the party lifestyle if you ever want to indulge.  


Far away from Vegas, Reno is known as The Biggest Little City in the World, with a famous town sign that’s shown up in countless movies and television shows.  This is a great place to enjoy a laid-back lifestyle, with baseball, simple pleasures, and countless interesting things to do like visit museums or go white water rafting.  

Las Vegas

Las Vegas may feel like an obvious pick, but so many people miss out on this fantastic city!  It’s not as terrifyingly expensive as it’s depicted, and many locals say that they love the sense of community that year-round people have once they get to know each other.  The chance to party is always nice, but this city is also full of museums, aquariums, and tons of other fun exhibits to check out.  

When to Move

Nevada does have an off-season for tourists!  This off-season is when property and rental prices drop, and fewer people make their way into the state.  Between late June and the middle of August, temperatures seem to stay above 100 degrees for weeks on end.  This incredible heat makes fewer people eager to move here and allows thrifty renters to find apartments for rent in Las Vegas for far cheaper than they would any other time.  

This price drop is reflected across the entire state and makes it the perfect place to move to Nevada. 

Everyone Loves Nevada

Whether you’re here for the bright lights and fun, or you’re more interested in the incredible natural beauty that surrounds the cities: Nevada is a state unlike any other.  Consider making a move out here, and you’ll fall in love with Nevada in no time.

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