Melbourne’s nightlife needs nightclubs. The five reasons why young adults thrive on this social outing.

Many would argue Melbourne’s reputation as one of the world’s most liveable cities is due to its bustling nightlife.  Between the galleries, restaurants and nightclubs, there is a venue for all tastes on all nights of the week. It’s hard to pinpoint the sole factor that underpins the popularity of Melbourne’s nightlife but it’s lively and varied nightclub culture is certainly amongst the mix.

Nightclubs are not only culturally significant for young people but an effective way to make lasting friendships, discover new music and revel in a safe space to let off some steam. In some instances, many young people are unsure of which nightclub to visit and as a consequence, are deterred from part-taking in the experience altogether. Lucky Thursdays comprises hospitable promoters, lively staff, talented DJ’s and is run by a team of industry experts that have a profound understanding of Melbourne’s night-time economy and what it’s punters want.

This is crucial in creating a perfect gathering destination for friends and newcomers of all types to enjoy a lasting boogie unbothered. It’s also imperative that nightclubs offer a beneficial and attractive alternative to binge-watching movies, TV and the sedentary lifestyle. You can rely on Lucky Thursdays to tick all of these boxes and more. It’s fast becoming an iconic spot with a healthy range of affordable drink specials, popular local DJ’s and lively ambience. It’s very likely once you visit Lucky Thursdays, it will become your club of choice.

For many reasons, nightclubs in Melbourne are an irreplaceable part of its fabric and allure. But, nightclubs are more than just a means of entertainment for young adults; they are a place to create meaningful friendships and lasting memories. As mentioned below, nightclubs offer many benefits for the mental health and wellbeing of young people as they exercise many social skills we use on a daily basis.


  1. Nightclubs are widely known to improve the social life of its patrons and offer a safe place to meet others from different backgrounds and cultures. With an open mind and a welcoming attitude, you can make new friends and learn new perspectives on any given night to broaden your worldview. 

  2. Youngsters learn how to express themselves and interact with others upon visiting nightclubs. In an environment where behaviour matters a lot, accountability is high currency in a nightclub environment. This promotes feelings of responsibility and helps teach you an honourable code of conduct from a young age. 
  3. Nightclubs are an alternative to the monotony of social media, where many young people spend their time. Spontaneity can help break anti-social habits and can improve self-esteem.
  4. Science tells us our body releases endorphins when we bond with others and this reduces feelings of fear and anxiety whilst promoting connectedness. Nightclubs are an ideal place to make new bonds.
  5. Nightclubs are predicated on being the best space to dance. Dancing has been around since the dawn of time and for many, it is the main attraction.

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