How to Choose a Sustainable Hotel

In a world where individuals are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact, consumers want to travel to places like Calgary to Fernie with companies that show they care about the environment, their employees and their local community.

These environmentally conscious guests are also increasingly aware of how much money they spend on travel and will pay more for hotels that care about the planet.

Hotels can save a significant amount of money by implementing energy and water efficiency practices. These include having digital thermostats, avoiding leaving lights on, and installing solar panels to power water heating.

Many Fernie hotels also promote eco-friendly transportation options, such as electric car charging stations or discounted fares for guests who use public transport. This is not only good for the ecosystem, but it can also help hoteliers meet their revenue goals.

Choosing a Sustainable Hotel

There are some factors to consider when deciding the sustainable hotel you will stay in. Here are some of them:

1)      Research

The best way to choose a sustainable hotel is to research hotels’ sustainability policies, programs, and initiatives. You can find these details on their websites, social media profiles, or in their email marketing.

2)      ESG Rating

In addition, a company’s ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) rating can make it more attractive to investors looking for a company that is committed to protecting nature, its employees and the community. This helps hoteliers attract more green-minded guests and retain them once they’ve arrived, which will benefit their bottom line in the long run.

3)      Sustainability Policy

A hotel that cares about the environment will almost always have a sustainability policy on its website. This will state whether or not it has been certified by a credible organization and highlight specific sustainability initiatives it has implemented.

4)      What Energy Does the Hotel Use?

The energy that the eco-friendly hotel uses is also a crucial factor. This is vital because it will affect the accommodation’s operations. Hotels that use alternative energy sources, such as solar power, help reduce their environmental impact.

5)      Works with the Community

Local communities benefit from sustainable hotels. This typically involves hiring local employees, supporting long-term community programs, and integrating guests into the community on terms that help local businesses and encourage the preservation of cultural traditions.

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