Best Ways for Island Hopping in Croatia and the Best Seasons – 

Introduction – 

One of the most popular methods and the best methods of seeing the islands including the coastal towns on the side of the beautiful Adriatic coastline is Island hopping in Croatia. There are several main points from the mainland, where you can island hop and you can create itineraries, which depend on the particular interest and length of the stay. If you visit the Croatian Adriatic Island then it will be the best way for you to watch beautiful seascapes and nature, especially when you are traveling between different towns and villages on the coast.

What Transport is to be used – 

For Best Island hopping in Croatia, you can get around the island either by car on a foot, or on a bicycle. One of the things that you should know when you are traveling in Croatia is that the islands are not linked by trains or connected with it. You can use ferries and besides that, you can include some of the bus routes too. One of the things that you can do is to add it to your itinerary if the time offers good connections than the local ferries.

You can book good Croatian hotels too. Another thing that you will note in Croatia is that there are many ferry companies, which run ferries in the form of public transport through the Croatian coast, which comprises car and foot travelers also. Most of the tickets you can book online and you can book them on the spot, once you reach the port. One of the best places where you can check the ferry schedules is on

When is the Right Time to Go – 

You can do island hopping along with the islands and through the coastlines all through year-round. However, one of the things that you should note is that the timings are not flexible in the period of May to October. Ferries and buses are more frequent in the months of June to September, so you can visit around this time and the choices will be even better. There are also seasonal ferry routes that are available in the month of July and August only. If you ever plan to visit in the months of summer then it is advised that you book in advance your ferries, bus tickets and that too for the popular routes.

Foot or by Car as a Passenger – 

If for island hopping you plan to drive a car, then there are chances that there will less itinerary options. But if you island-hop by foot as a passenger then there will be more itinerary options. Another issue that you can face is that of parking on the island because it’s scarce on most of the island during the high seasons. The best time to drive around by car is May/June and September / October when there will be ample parking spaces and the ferries will be less busy.

Selecting the best island for the Croatian itinerary can be very tricky as they all are very beautiful. So, the first thing that you need to decide is for how many days you will be going there and which mode of transport you will be using, whether a car, motorbike, bicycle, etc. In addition, you should know how much time you would be spending on a ferry and so on.

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