6 reasons to visit Menorca

Although Menorca has always been a fairly well-known destination, in contrast to its bigger sisters within the Balearic island group, Menorca tends to fall behind in popularity, being considered just a smaller version of the others.

However, between its exuberant nature, the varied entertainment options and, of course, its paradisiacal beaches accompanied by a climate that gently accompanies visitors throughout the year, the truth is that there are various reasons to visit this island. in any season of the year.

There are always reasons to visit this island

Among the main factors to visit this island you can always talk about its nature. About half of the territory is protected as a biodiversity reserve. The spectacular landscape dominated by forests, trails, ravines and country roads is perfect for those visitors who like to explore.

Those others who enjoy unravelling the mysteries of the past will find plenty of inspiration in the Talayotic culture sites whose age is not only difficult to determine correctly due to their great antiquity, but are also scattered in large numbers throughout the island.

Gastronomy is undoubtedly the attraction that many of its visitors highlight as the protagonist in the experience of visiting this island. The mixture of influences from the different cultures that have inhabited this island and that have merged into what is now the culinary identity of Menorca have given rise to some of the most exotic dishes that take seafood to new and unsuspected levels.

The routes on foot, by bicycle or on horseback are also among the best options to spend time on a visit to this island. Throughout its 700km2 there are plenty of places to practice hiking in each of its possible modalities, which is perfect to enjoy the natural beauty and the atmosphere of peace that surrounds the entire island.

A vibrant nightlife that is present even before the sun goes down is what marks the visit of any tourist to the capital of the island. Although the island is not particularly large or populated, the nightlife in its most important towns (Mahón and Ciutadella) is especially lively with the arrival of tourists and locals looking for good times of fun.

The size of the island itself is also an incentive to visit it. Without being really small as such, the truth is that Menorca has a fairly explorable surface. Those who prefer to explore at their own pace can always count on rent a car Menorca services to make their journeys easier.

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